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A-List of Things That I Love About Myself.

“I know that I cannot fix what broke you, but just know this — I will always be there for you. So, let me stay with you while you heal, and just trust me.”

- Kirti kangra -


Focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing and do things that help you grow because, believe me, sometimes you are all you have.”

— Kirti Kangra -

Whispers of natura

All the glitters of the sky
Those are far from us, also, high
And sparkling stars where the direction lie
And the moon, white and mystic
Whose blemish did fill with affection
Even if it’s rounded in clouds, wend on the brightest and bold
And the surge waves of the ocean
That comprises a purified flow of emotion.
And all the tall shaded trees
Bear ragged edge remain gnarled, evergreen, breeze
Stayed still with deeper roots, whose charms may never
And the flowers that grow, cherished but soft in silent
Whose smell brings the fragrance of ethereal muses?
While getting into Steeple Mountains, I wonder
How can those gents be so still and slender
Whose deadly silence is echoed there?
And permeate its roar, making terror everywhere.
The winds swayed here and there,
Losing their waves in the air
Cracking every limit, moving ahead without any fear.
Everything in nature is very eccentric and absolute
Every object is busy performing distinct tasks, assigned by
So does thee see the miracles it holds
And a thousand mysteries enrolled
For which through holy signs hast, clearly hath shown.

Bitter truth of life

Life can push you down on the ground in every chapter it can
break you Which might be quite difficult for you
Perhaps, standing on your feet again will be hard for you
But this is actually what life is
The more you feel, the more you’ll learn to stand on your own
The more you break, the stronger you’ll become
If life throws you off, stand up, and show some gratitude that you’re in God’s concern and that he’s doing all this to make you stronger than ever.
Life is not always about happiness and convenience
Life has both failures and sadness
You’re not living life if there’s no grief in it
Life is like that book that has chapters of happiness and sadness
If you become arrogant in the chapter on happiness, you won’t have the stamina to face the chapter of sadness and failure
But if you always get stuck in every sad chapter and keep blaming yourself then forget that you have something called “happiness” in life too.

//A love so great that turns lovers into strangers//

What happens when I catch lovers turning into strangers again? All of a sudden, the taste of memories on my tongue reminds me of all the poison in my body. As the heart cries, I tell them that loving anyone who does not love you back is unwise and senseless. It crashes your heart inside your body crushing its soul without making a damn sound. You devote your nights trying to find incantations to fix the soul of your heart back. They could have built a better home with you, only if they stayed, that’s what will break you again. Though we know we could be anywhere in the world we ever wanted to be. Yet, we want to be in their arms, decorating our human existence. Yet, we want to feel their warmth, the sunlight to our soul in wintertime. Yet, we want love so great, it lightens up our solitary nights with twinkling stars.

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Focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing and do things that help you grow because, believe me, sometimes you are all you have.”

— Kirti Kangra -

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