“In the end what matters is you, and your belief in yourself. Be a HUMAN in the multitude of sapiens. Be the one who comprehends the positivity in the abyss of dejected vibes.”


Meditation Music Help in Manifestation

You already have everything in you to live your best life, to achieve all your dreams. My goal is just to help you clear out all the weeds in your life that restrict you from living it.

___Kirti Kangra


“If the fate of two people written together, their ways will certainly cross one day If they want, they can travel the world to find each other
if they want they can hide to run away from each other
If it's fate, they will certainly meet”
― Kirti Kangra

Kirti Kangra

I’m a writer, speaker, and performer. I was born in the capital of India “ at “New Delhi” on 28 April 2001. I’m Graduate in Bachelor of Arts (Politicial Science) from Delhi University. I am currently writing My First book “THE PHOENIX ON ICE”

The Phoenix on Ice

In “THE PHOENIX ON ICE”. She’s written various topics, such as Find yourself. Self-discovery, healing love, loss, and hope through pieces of prose and interactive chapters filled with truth residing at the heart of the human condition. She wants her words to make a positive change in the world and impact readers in a way that allows them to flourish. Kirti believes that everyone has a purpose and once you find your purpose, you should follow it with all your heart. Kirti has found her purpose in writing to make a difference. It’s for this reason that Kirti is eager to write, share content and continue impacting the world one word at a time.

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The Phoenix on Ice

Author Name: Kirti Kangra | Format: Paperback | Genre: Self-Help | Kirti Kangra

“There will be all kinds of days that you take forward with you. The negative ones will break you down and the positive ones will give you life. But at the end of it, it will be up to you which ones you choose to live for.”

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