Kirti Kangra

What makes Kirti Kangra unique?

“Everything good does take time, all you need is to have faith and strive towards what you want. All you need to do is believe.”

Kirti Kangra

Hey there! I’m Kirti Kangra

Kirti Kangra is a Author, speaker, and performer. She was born in the capital of India “ at “New Delhi” on 28 April 2001. She says that beginning stage of her writing career but has a long way to go. The writer is studying B.A from Delhi University. She currently wrote her First book “THE PHOENIX ON ICE”

In “THE PHOENIX ON ICE”. She’s written various topics, such as Find yourself. Self-discovery, healing love, loss, and hope through pieces of prose and interactive chapters filled with truth residing at the heart of the human condition. She wants her words to make a positive change in the world and impact readers in a way that allows them to flourish. Kirti believes that everyone has a purpose and once you find your purpose, you should follow it with all your heart. Kirti has found her purpose in writing to make a difference. It’s for this reason that Kirti is eager to write, share content and continue impacting the world one word at a time.

Kirti believes in writing books that tell honest and uplifting stories that shed light on BAME characters’ lives –because theirs are the ones raw, real, and reflective of the lives of innumerable POC characters. Kirti also has a traveling/designing page on Instagram(@kirtikangra.28)
And Linktree(@Kirti28kangra) You can find Kirti Twitter(@kirtikangra19), Youtube (Kirti Kangra) Which she created to share her passion for travel, books, and self-designing art with nuggets of wisdom to a different genre of viewers.

India Travel Blog

Let’s go on an adventure.

Kirti believes in speaking the truth. Whatever is in her heart is always on her lips. She doesn’t shy away from being brutally honest, especially when it comes to art, life, and good experiences.

That’s why, the reviews that she posts — of the products that she uses, of the places that she visits, and the books that she reads — are honest to the core.

Learn more about what Kirti does, aside from traveling, eating good food, and reading!


Bird with wings, she with dreams are flying high in the sky.⁣⁣
How high is enough high for a bird to fly? Maybe as high as the view in the mind.⁣⁣
Keep flying coz there is this beautiful thing about it when you keep flying ⁣even falling looks like rising coz even if you fall to everyone it still looks like flying, darling I am not falling, look I ⁣⁣
am still flying.⁣⁣
Dreams are like hope you hold on to it, it ⁣keeps holding you.⁣⁣


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